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XSpectra®  is the new generation of X-ray inspection systems for food safety and quality controls.

XSpectra® helps improve food safety by detecting directly in the production line the presence of small contaminants such as plastics, bones, cartilage, insects, wood and gum that would otherwise be undetectable by traditional inspection systems. In just a few milliseconds, it can perform a multi-spectral analysis of the product in real time, comparing the energy absorbed by any contaminants and thus deciding whether or not it meets the required quality standards.

The new generation of inspection machines for improved food safety controls

An ’’open’’ system, easily upgradeable in both software and hardware components

It can be integrated into any phase of the production process, from the ingredients to the finished products

It lends itself to high levels of customization to meet any specific customer’s need

It can be offered as a turn-key solution in a modular structure, integrated with other technologies (IR, check-weight, etc.)

Xnext’s Industry 4.0 Paradigm
A Groundbreaking Inspection Technology
Tailored to your needs
Our Offer’s Pillars
Our inspection systems are the best representation of the industry 4.0 paradigm!

Disruptive Innovation

The most advanced inspection system available on the market, fully customizable for your needs

Predictive Inspection Software

Only our AI-based inspection software is trained based on your products’ features to make it performing at its best in detecting every kind of defect. Brand new generation sensors allowing smart and predictive management of every inspection system

High Performance

We give you the best and the most reliable industrial equipment for your Quality Control process


Easy-To-Use and to install on existing lines, allowing connection between Quality Control, Process Management, Operations and Analytics, boosting your Smart Factory to unreached levels