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Our Multi-Industry Pioneering Solutions

Like no other technology, XSpectra® provides for real-time analysis of material properties and identification of previously undetectable foreign bodies. XSpectra® has been extensively applied in the food industry to increase food safety and food quality standards, but thanks to distinct characteristics, it provides solutions to multiple fields, ranging from pharma to material recycling.

A complete system for Multi-industry quality controls
We provide deep customized solutions for every industries

Food Safety

XSpectra® detect both low- and high-density foreign bodies and contaminants with a high degree of accuracy, and assess the conformity of the food products with the quality requirements.

Pharma Safety

XSpectra® provides for a complete and fast inspection, and identifies defects and contaminants non-detectable by the current technologies.


XSpectra® makes materials recycling more effective by improving sorting and characterisation of waste.

A benefit for All
XSpectra® actively contributes to improve the quality of many social fields:


Recalling a product has a huge environmental cost, we will ensure that environmental resources are not lost.


We help make your production line more efficient and safer, and we provide to enhance your reputation!


We protect the health of consumers through comprehensive product quality control.