XSpectra ®

XSpectra® is a brand new generation of X-ray technology, operating with more than the usual 1 or 2 energy level, being able to operate up to 1.024 energy levels.

The advanced multi-energy technology provides a total different approach in the reconstruction of the interaction of X-ray with the matter: in the past (the actual X-ray scanners) the attenuation of X-ray interacting with the material was computed and the result, the radiographic image reconstructed, was used for the identification of non-conformities in materials  (defects and contaminants) by image processing techniques.

XSpectra® counts the X-ray photon in number and energy for each pixel. The energy response obtained is then elaborated by a sophisticated algorithm that identifies in real time the eventual defect and contamination in the material.

Thanks to the proprietary and patented multi-energy analysis, XSpectra® identifies a new class of defects and contaminants otherwise non-detectable by the actual technologies, such as light materials for foreign bodies detection in food safety inspections.

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