Press Reviews

Press Reviews

Press Reviews

XNEXT Srl via Valtorta 48 Milano, 20127 – Italy PI/CF: 08523280967 Phone: +39 02 45390524 Mail: info@x-next.com

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Xnext is a challenge
Xnext is the courage to take risks
Xnext is entrepreneurship
Xnext is what we fight for

This is Xnext! https://t.co/w6Zs6EULXw

We have started a collaboration with Nutkao, an important Italian brand in the production of chocolate spreads. We are very happy about this opportunity and we look forward to explaining the power of XSpectra in support of an economic reality that operates in such UN heritage! https://t.co/johYeSMKFO xnext_srl photo

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XSpectra works like a human eye. The images of the product are collected by photonics, these travel through artificial intelligence algorithms to the brain of the machine, which analyses them by determining the chemical and physical composition of the materials tested! https://t.co/DDhUZls49a xnext_srl photo

In the interview released on @StartupinfoIt Bruno Garavelli, our CEO talks about Pandemia and how Xnext managed to overcome the initial difficulties by coming out of the corner with speed and determination.


Since the beginning, the story of Xnext® has been told by several national and international newspapers.

Here below some of the articles talking about us.

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Be Beez 11/10/2018 Download
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SciTech Europa Quarterly 08/08/2018 Download
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università Bocconi rivista Scuola, Economia&Management 03/04/2017 Download
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