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X Ray Physics Data Scientist

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Xnext is a young and booming industry, that has developed an innovative technology for quality control based on a multispectral X-ray analysis.

We are looking for a X ray Physics Data Scientist to join our R&D team, to train neural networks and simulate complex physical phenomena.


Your tasks:

  • Optimization of neural network architectures and hyper-parameters in training activity;
  • Testing and quantification of neural network performance;
  • Simulation of X attenuation spectroscopy data
  • Modelling of the data acquisition system


Your profile:

  • Brilliant graduate in Physics, Physical or Electronical Engineering;
  • Excellent knowledge of the interaction of X-rays with matter;
  • Mastering the fundamentals of semiconductor detector physics;
  • Good electronics bases;
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning (CNN and MLP) and data analysis;
  • Good knowledge of Pyton for Machine Learning and scientific computing (libraries such as Keras, Tensorflow and Numpy)


The profile must be completed by:

  • Good fluency in English;
  • Flexibility, Proactivity and Stress Resilience;
  • Good team working skills;
  • The ability to think “outside of the box”;
  • Good priorities, deadlines and timelines management.


Location: Milan, Italy.


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