Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning Specialist

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Xnext is a young and booming industry, that has developed an innovative technology for quality control based on a multispectral X-ray analysis.

We are looking for a Machine Learning Specialist to join our R&D team, to develop algorithms and train neural networks.


Your tasks:

  • Optimization of neural network architectures and hyper-parameters in training activity;
  • Testing and quantification of neural network performance;
  • Data analysis and processing (clustering and correlation study);
  • Production of reports for internal and external company partners.


Your profile:

  • Brilliant graduate in Mathematics, Computer Science or Statistics;
  • Ability to use typical Deep Learning architectures (CNN, MLP, GAN);
  • Good knowledge of Python for Machine Learning and scientific computing (libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow and NumPy);
  • Familiarity with statistical methods for data analysis (classification or anomaly detection algorithms, and clustering);
  • In-depth knowledge of parallel computing;
  • Ability to use GPUs to train neural networks;
  • Basics of Computer Vision algorithms.


The profile must be completed by:

  • Good fluency in English;
  • Flexibility, Proactivity and Stress Resilience;
  • Good team working skills;
  • The ability to think “outside of the box”;
  • Good work balancing skills;
  • Good priorities, deadlines and timelines management.


Location: Milan, Italy.



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