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Our vision of Xnext® is that of a leader, innovative, clean, socially responsible company, with honest ethical principles and respectful for work. A hotbed and meeting point for ideas and for the growth of young talents, a reference point for Universities and Research centres.

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Un nuovo riconoscimento per la nostra tecnologia #XSpectra®! Questo pomeriggio, dalle ore 18, seguici online durante l’Innovation Day dedicato all'agroalimentare 4.0.
@Coldiretti @Filiera_Italia https://t.co/J2ZnWCeXmB
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Il #MES sarà senza condizioni. Questi i #fatti, confermati oggi. Ma questa notizia potrà, sul tema, rovesciare la valanga di #falsità che hanno avvelenato i pozzi della comunicazione? E coloro che ne son stati responsabili possono passare ad altro argomento così disinvoltamente?

#interpack2020 would have opened its doors today. In light of the #COVID situation, it has been postponed to 2021.  #Xnext will be there: we'll showcase our detection technology #XSpectra® and find the best solutions for your needs. Looking forward to your visit @interpack2021

Less food loss and waste with a just-in-time quality control! Specialized magazine COM.PACK talks about #XSpectra®. Bruno Garavelli, #Xnext CEO, explains how the technology offers a disruptive quality control system applicable to a multitude of industries https://t.co/oAqhTLXIkZ

Mai più lotti scartati col controllo just in time| si parla di #XSpectra® nella rivista COM.PACK. Bruno Garavelli, #Xnext CEO, spiega in che modo la tecnologia offre un controllo qualità completamente rivoluzionario e applicabile a più settori industriali https://t.co/oAqhTLXIkZ

HERE WE BIND 4.0 AGAIN! 🚀 4th Edition is running as we gathered our 38 #Startups with mentors and alumni to form alliances and set goals for the months ahead. Vision, Strategies, and Synergy were some key focuses from the Kick-Off Session. Read more here: https://t.co/CVPpBZTwJr

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