Our achievements


The enterprise idea, from its beginning, has obtained important awards, prizes and funding. In particular:

# Horizon 2020-SME Instruments ph 2
# WPP innovator of the year

# Italian ScaleUp Initiative in China Best 2nd Startup
Backtowork24 – Prize
HBR Eccellenze d’Impresa “GEA” Prize
# Endeavor Xnext chosen by high-impact entrepreneurship network
# H2020 SME Instruments ph. II Seal of Excellence

# Start Up Europe Award
# European Venture Summit Düsseldorf Best Start Up Clean Tech award
# Alpine High Tech Venture Forum Best Start Up Clean Tech award
Marzotto Prize Special prizes Gala Lab and Ingdam Far East
Bocconi Start Up Award Start up of the year award
Unicredit Start Lab Special mention

# Italian Corporate Venture Forum in Turin Best Award Presentation
Invitation to tender Start Up Expo Prize

# Invitation to tender FRIM Re-Start UP – Funding and prize

Xnext won the Open Innovative PMI Grant Thornton Award 2019 under Research & Technology category
Xnext signed a Grant agreement with the European Commission for a project of 3.3 million euros, backed for 2.3 million euro as part of the Horizon 2020-SME Instruments ph. 2. We are proud, as Italians and Europeans, to have achieved this prestigious award, which rewards a considerable effort we have made in carrying out a challenging task, the development of our proprietary technology, XSpectra. A technology that the Commission judged as disruptive, and not simply innovative, due to the relevant level of innovation as well as the economic and social impacts that will generate. We are gratified not only by the high appraisal received for our project but also for the challenge we won, having managed the entire selection process fully in-house, without the support of external consultants. Thanks to fundings we will receive because of the Grant and to the further visibility we will achieve at European level, we will be able not only to complete the implementation of XSpectra in the food sector but above all to accelerate the growth of Xnext, building up a solid industrial and commercial structure that will support the further evolution. Long live Europe!
Xnext awarded the “Innovator of the year” organized by WPP and Triennale di Milano
Xnext awarded the 1st position on “Premio Eccellenze d’Impresa” 2017 organized by GEA and Harvard Business Review
Xnext awarded the 2nd position on 1st edition of BacktoWork24 event
Xnext awarded the 2nd position at Italian ScaleUp Initiative in China among the best 3 scaleups
 Unicredit Startlab Special Mention

Start Up Europe Awards

Premio Marzotto Gala Lab and Ingdan special prizes

Living room of emerging industries

GI Startup Contest

European Venture Summit Düsseldorf Best Start Up Clean Tech

Bocconi Start Up Award Start up of the year 2016

Alpine High Tech Venture forum Best Start Up Clean Tech

SME Instruments Seal of Excellence


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