Security Controls

Explosive & precursor direct detection

Security Controls

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Real-time controls for secure, fast and efficient security controls:

no more queues at security checks

Multi energy data images

Tailored image to show organic material with low density, medium density or high density

Airports and stations should be places where people doesn’t worry with the occurrence of weapons or dangerous materials, hidden in some suitcase.

At the same time, passengers should not waste time in security checks because the screening machines aren’t able to discriminate water from liquid explosive.

The today ‘security’ scenario is governed by the rules defined by the State/Interstate agencies ( TSA, ECAC) which ask for a well defined performance level on both explosives detection capability and quality on shown image: these rules will move soon outside the airport world. In other words the X-Ray detection capability will be applied also in fields different for the airport one this to assure better security in railway stations, ships, customs, etc.

The today technology has the bottleneck of the false positive detection: for example many usual foods are recognized as explosives by the conventional based X-Ray system and to solve the generated alarm the baggage has to be opened and manually checked, so slowing down the check point throughput and creating the long queues at airport gate entrance . The use of the Xnext® technique (based on the ‘Spectroscopy’ analysis) is offering the capability to measure the material absorption curve with a sensitivity that is unachievable also with the sophisticated tomography technique: consequently the false positive detection is dramatically reduced with a significant benefit on the checkpoint throughput.

The Xnext® technology is also offering a unique advantage on the baggage imagery: thanks to the ‘multi energy’ data it is possible the creation of many images of the same baggage, with every generated image  different from the other ones. Since multi energy data are available, it is possible to obtain the image tailored to show organic material with low density, medium density or high density; the same approach can be used to show, in different energy image, hard material like salt or metals.

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