Food Quality

On line quality & process control

Food Quality

Chemical Physical product characterization 

XSpectra® system is able to detect differences between materials recognized as equal by conventional technologies as e.g. including: various types of cheese, sparkling water and natural water.

Detection of aflatoxins in cereals

XSpectra® can identify and discriminate between contaminated and wholesome cereals such as maize, by profiling their spectra and running classification proprietary algorithms on the data obtained.

By the end of the 20th century and the beginning of 21th century, the trade of goods and services has risen at global scale, with no limitation at all. This means that producers with production plants in more than one continent, very easily may have their main customers in another continent. On the other side, each of us is accustomed to have at our disposal every product or service required without even thinking how it could have been difficult to provide it. Even the food industry spans globally, with some specific problem: most of the food require an accurate evaluation of its lifetime, in order not to waste it and many efforts must be put in smart logistics sector. Moreover, the huge distance between producers and consumers allows to cheat about food quality, so a lot of work is dedicated to fraud and counterfeit issues, by government departments.

Nowadays, an example of a main issue related to logistic sector is the commercialization of fresh fruit that is cultivated tenth of thousand of kilometers far from the consumers and must be delivered when still unripe. To determine for sure the ripeness level, destructive tests must be performed on a selected batch of samples and this operation wastes the product, without even giving the assurance on the whole production since each fruit is different. To overcome destructive tests and to have a complete production inspection, IR technology cameras can add some information. The same IR technology cameras might be employed by the laboratories dedicated to discover frauds and counterfeit products. These technologies are very accurate but are also very slow and require a lot of time and even destructive tests to be sure to have the right answers about the product quality. In both situations the inspection is only superficial if no destructive test can be performed and nothing could be guessed about the bulk status of the product.

XSpectra®, with its unique feature to determine the chemical physical properties of different substances, can help to classify the products and overcome completely the logistics, fraud and counterfeit problems. Xspectra® unlocks the possibility to have a control on the whole production and, very important, a control even of the bulk product, thanks to the penetrating power of X rays. Each trader that will benefit of these advantages can collect complete data about the goods he moves all around the world and each consumer can feel safer if he knows the origin and safety of the food bought. Moreover, the global logistic sector can exploit this powerful tool to become even smarter and reduce waste.

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