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Our vision of Xnext® is that of a leader, innovative, clean, socially responsible company, with honest ethical principles and respectful for work. A hotbed and meeting point for ideas and for the growth of young talents, a reference point for Universities and Research centres.

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1 week ago
🚀 #Scaleup: siamo contenti di vedere @xnext_srl tra le 11 italiane che prenderanno parte a #TechShare di Euronext.Complimenti al CEO @bruno_Xnext!

Xnext ha raccolto con noi oltre 560k € grazie a #ClubDeal e #EquityCrowdfunding

‼️Leggi l'articolo --> https://t.co/cmotHNDq6L
2 weeks ago
Paper release on @sciencedirect:
A CdTe pixel detector–CMOS preamplifier for room temperature high sensitivity and energy resolution X and #gammaRay spectroscopic #imaging | https://t.co/pZegl7tB8w
1 month ago
Controllo qualità in millisecondi: XSpectra è pronta per l'industria alimentare. Complimenti all'imprenditore #Endeavor @bruno_Xnext https://t.co/jQhwz4fyoH
1 month ago
completato il progetto #XSpectra per identificare in tempo reale i corpi estranei nei prodotti @EtaBetaRadio1 | https://t.co/4LnadRQSYe
2 months ago
Xnext is proud to announce that the first multispectral inspection system based on proprietary and patented XSpectra technology has been completed.
The system is industrialized and ready for on-line production validation for real time detection of non conformances https://t.co/tiIfdYJ5Dc
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