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Our vision of Xnext® is that of a leader, innovative, clean, socially responsible company, with honest ethical principles and respectful for work. A hotbed and meeting point for ideas and for the growth of young talents, a reference point for Universities and Research centres.

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2 weeks ago
#now #scaleUp @ #Milan https://t.co/ySugMeKe40
xnext_srl photo
PoliHub @PoliHub
#BR2F #Industrial @bruno_Xnext racconta l’idea di @xnext_srl che si occupa di sviluppo di apparecchi a raggi X per ispezioni della produzione. https://t.co/W9xt02WWx8
3 weeks ago
Su “Industrie Alimentari" di novembre, un articolo su XSpectra, la nuova tecnologia a raggi X dell' #AziendaEndeavor @xnext_srl di @bruno_Xnext a servizio della sicurezza alimentare. @chiriottied https://t.co/s2u6WUabKZ xnext_srl photo
1 month ago
🇮🇹 Milan has a growing #GovTech community – for now it is small, but it has a pipeline of companies capable of transforming the country’s public services 🇮🇹
Check out our Top 10 GovTech startups in #Milan:
https://t.co/nRCDoSJFE4 https://t.co/dKmRZFaCZ8
xnext_srl photo
2 months ago
🚀 #Scaleup: siamo contenti di vedere @xnext_srl tra le 11 italiane che prenderanno parte a #TechShare di Euronext.Complimenti al CEO @bruno_Xnext!

Xnext ha raccolto con noi oltre 560k € grazie a #ClubDeal e #EquityCrowdfunding

‼️Leggi l'articolo --> https://t.co/cmotHNDq6L
2 months ago
Paper release on @sciencedirect:
A CdTe pixel detector–CMOS preamplifier for room temperature high sensitivity and energy resolution X and #gammaRay spectroscopic #imaging | https://t.co/pZegl7tB8w

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