Food & Pharma Safety

Low and high-density foreign bodies & contaminants detection

Food & Pharma Safety


XSpectra® technology: the new generation of X-ray machine for food safety, identifying with high accuracy, both low and high density foreign bodies and contaminants.


XSpectra® represents the most advanced development of the X-ray technology on the market, capable to detect in real time, low density foreign bodies, such as: woodscraps, light plastic, insects, that are not detectable by the existing X-ray scanners.

XSpectra® is a leading provider of contamination detection and quality control inspection solution. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide need this advanced technology to eliminate the risk of markets recalls and ensuring safe and sustainable foods for producers and consumers.

XSpectra® inspection technology can be utilized at every stage of the production process for raw, bulk-flow, pumped and canned products.

It can be applied to all type of container, like metal and aluminum tins, carton bricks, plastic bottles and glass jars.

RayNext: the new brand from Raytec Vision s.p.a. and Xnext

From the experience of a global leader in food processing machines and Xnext’s revolutionary  technology, a new brand has born, RayNext

A joint venture created for the commercialization of the  first X-ray food contaminants scanner, powered by XSpectra® technology manufactured by Raytec Vision.


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