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About Us

“We founded Xnext to make our world a bit cleaner, safer and a more secure place to live”

The concept was born in 2012, when two deeply-experienced engineers which have been working together in aerospace sector in the 90s, casually met again at a trade fair. Their lives were flowing in two different directions, since that day, when the spark that sett of the idea was lighted: the know-how they had acquired could be melted and create disruptive and revolutionary fall-out in non-destructive quality controls!. Few days later, they were putting words into actions, and after a feasibility study the first European patent was deposited.

In February 2014, Xnext was founded with the status of Knowledge-intensive startup, the adventure was ready to set the sails: the first team was created and the prototype completed.
Since the first test, the technology demonstrated all his potential and attracted new partners and investors.
In 2016 the first joint venture was signed, and field testing in food processing lines begun…

All the rest is contemporary history, made of passion, sacrifice, hard-work and commitment.

Our mission? Solve in-line contamination problems, for a cleaner, safer and more efficient world.

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